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Standard Templates

Classic Resume Template

Simpler Design

A simple, clean, and organized resume will help to make it easier for employers to quickly scan through resumes. A classic resume template is a great choice for the job

Modern Resume Template

Great Modern Design

A modern resume template is a layout that allows for an easy read and clean design. This helps to showcase your skills and experience in a professional manner and helps you get noticed by putting your best foot forward.

Traditional Resume Template

Old Style

Traditional templates are very simple and straightforward yet rich in details. A resume with more details offers the employer more information as to the applicant's abilities, skills and experience.

Exclusive Templates  also free!

Minimalist Resume Template

Clean and Sleek

You want to make a good first impression, but you don't want to come off as someone who is too flashy or not serious enough. This design is a great balance of those two. It's minimalistic and clean, but it still looks professional and stylish.

Basic Resume Template

Basic Layout

A basic resume template can assist you in creating a well-organized resume that will be easy to read and understand. It's straightforward to use, with sections that are all aligned.

Strong Resume Template

Centered Layout

Strong resume template is a standard one-page resume that enables you to put more information in a more conventional way.

And much more to come!

More resume templates are on the way, so you can concentrate on the aesthetic of your CV with our free, high-quality templates.

Why Use Our Resume Templates?

It's Free

Did you know that you can use our resume templates for free? That's right, both standard and exclusive templates are completely free to use.

Modern & Eye-Catching

Say goodbye to old boring resumes. The future of resumes has arrived and it’s a lot better. With millions of recruiters and hiring managers looking for your experience, let your resume speak for itself. When compared to other traditional resume designs, our templates are far more appealing; but if you prefer, you can choose our traditional template.⁣⁣

You can include a lot more information

Our templates allow you to insert as much information as you like and we will not restrict you in any way. You can also include references if necessary.

Adjusts to multiple pages

Did you know that when using our resume builder, you can include more than one page? Each template has its own set of attributes that adapts when your resume or CV has multiple pages.

What you see is what you get!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you can update your resume directly on the template itself unlike other resume builders, which require you to fill out your information on a separate page.