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Remember, your resume is your first impression, so choose a template that reflects your professionalism and personality while keeping it relevant to the job you're applying for.

Professional resume template

Professional CV template helps you to ensure that your resume is formatted in a way that is easy for hiring managers to read and understand.

Creative resume template

Creative resume template contains bright colors and is a bold way to make your application stand out from the rest.

Neutral resume template

Easily create a strong resume with a simple and colorful layout. This template looks minimalistic and contains neutral colors.

Executive resume template

For seasoned leaders and executives, a well-crafted resume is your passport to the next chapter.

Executive resume template

Don't settle for a generic resume in a world that demands innovation. Use the Tech template to unlock new opportunities.

Basic resume template

Basic resume template can help you create your resume with a well-organised layout, which will make it easier to read and understand.

Strong resume template

Strong resume template is a conventional one-page resume that allows you to provide additional information in a more traditional layout.

Minimalist resume template

Minimalist and clean resume template is a clear and concise way of presenting an individual's professional qualifications and experience.

Classic resume template

Classic CV template puts an overall feel of simplicity to your Resume, consisting of one typeface and a minimal look so you can focus on your content.

Modern resume template

The Modern CV Template is the preferred option for standing out from the rest of the resume templates.

Why Use Our Resume Templates?

It's 100% Free

Did you know that you can use our resume templates for completely free? That's right, all templates are completely free for personal or commercial use.

Modern & Eye-Catching

Say goodbye to old boring resumes. The future of resumes have arrived and they look amazing. With modern look & feel, let your resume speak for itself.

You can include a lot more information

Our templates allow you to insert as much information as you like and we will not restrict you in any way. You can also include references if necessary.

Adjusts to multiple pages

Did you know that when using our resume builder, you can include more than one page? Each template has its own set of attributes that adapts when your CV has multiple pages.

What you see is what you get!

You can update your resume directly on the template itself unlike other resume builders, which require you to fill out your information on a separate page.