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Traditional CV Template

This template bring back memories of how resumes used to look back in the past. A traditional looking font, along with pale colors still has one of the best designed CV template. For recruiters that look for content more than just empty space in your resume, this is the best choice.

Using the Traditional CV Template

Traditional resumes are more plain-looking than most modern resumes, with less color, asymmetrical patterns, and other stronger visual elements. This usually refers to a black-and-white page with plain headers and a basic layout.

Our Traditional CV Template is the appropriate choice for you if you desire a straightforward, easy-to-scan style that helps you look professional. If you're looking for something more modern or colorful, our Modern CV template could be a better fit.

Your CV should not only portray an image of you, but it should also indicate that you've done your homework on the organizational culture of your potential employer.

Traditional CV template can help you write more content due to smaller fonts and less white space.

When sending a resume to a more conventional employer, use a traditional resume style and focus on a brief professional overview, job history, abilities, and education sections.

Be wary about being too imaginative with your traditional resume's design. Showcase your creativity by demonstrating the talents, expertise, and other relevant qualities listed in each section.

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